Tiffany Stevenson

Tiffany Stevenson Biography Art and nature have always been significant parts of Tiffany Stevenson’s life. Born and raised in Utah, Tiffany was afforded abundant opportunities for exploring the outdoors, instilling a life-long love affair with nature and its creatures. Even as a small child, it was evident to her parents that she possessed a strong, innate desire to express herself through art. It was only a matter of time until her love of nature and art became inseparable. Tiffany received her formal education in the form of a Bachelor of Fine Art from Weber State University in Utah. Most valuable to her education in art, however, have been the numerous opportunities she has had to study under some well-respected painters, recently including Ralph Oberg, Greg Beecham, Dave Wade, Jim Wilcox, Dick Heighberger, Tom Browning, and Clark Kelly Price. In 2008, Tiffany received an Honorable Mention at the Midway Plein Air Competition and another Honorable Mention at the First Annual Statewide Student Competition held at Meyer Gallery in Park City, Utah. Tiffany has also been chosen to receive several scholarships from the Scottsdale Artists' School, as well as a privately sponsored art scholarship at Weber State University. Invaluable to Tiffany’s painting, is the practice of painting out-of-doors. “Plein air painting provides me with the irreplaceable opportunity to record the experience of a location first hand. Painting on-site forces me into a careful contemplation of my surroundings, resulting in the exploration of color and value that cannot be found in a photograph.” The primary purpose of these studies is to use them in the studio to develop into larger wildlife and landscape paintings. Ultimately, Tiffany feels that, “if the viewer of one of my paintings sees some of the inherent mystery and beauty of nature and of nature’s wildlife, or senses something unnamable but undeniably related to something within themselves, then I feel I have been successful.”

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