Ott Jones

Montana artist, Ott Jones, a professional sculptor for 30 years, has created a diverse collection of wildlife and sporting themed bronzes. His sculptures are recognized for their strong compositions, striking textures and subtly colored patinas. Ott’s work honestly reflects his fascination for his subjects and passion for the great outdoors. 


Widely collected, he is in many of the finest corporate and private collections in the world. He was honored in having Queen Elizabeth II acquire his sculpture, Birth of the Labrador and recently featured in Big Sky Journal Fly Fishing 2016 issue. Over his career Ott has placed 47 life-size and monumental sculptures throughout the nation. 


Growing up in Spokane, Washington, Ott’s interest in art, wildlife and outdoor adventure was kindled as a young boy. “As far back as I can remember dad and I were bird hunting and fishing together. We still hunt and fish every opportunity we have. Because of these great experiences, I developed a keen appreciation and fascination for wildlife and a passion for the outdoors. At an early age, I began drawing and sculpting the animals and birds I observed.” 


Attending Washington State University on a tennis scholarship, he graduated with a BA in education in 1982. After college Ott worked as a fishing guide for three summers and a welder’s helper in the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. It was during his time spent in Alaska that he realized he wanted to become a professional sculptor. Between his Alaska jobs, he studied under acclaimed sculptress, Veryl Goodnight. 


A devoted family man, Ott, his wife, Joan, and their four children live in the Gallatin Valley near Bozeman, Montana. "I am fortunate in having a career as a wildlife sculptor and being able to support my family while living in Montana. It’s a wonderful place to call home and provides such great outdoor opportunities and inspiration which allows me to observe, on a daily basis, the wildlife that is so important to me.”

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